Jizo Gassho

Doing a prayer-shaped "gassho" It is a Jizo made of Honkomatsu stone.
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Jizo, the goddess of agriculture, became a "Bodhisattva" after learning to become a Buddha. She expresses her will to save people's suffering anytime, anywhere, and is dressed as a "monk" with a round head and clothing.

She has great power to nurture good roots like her mother earth, and she has a great mission of salvation, bringing various wonderful benefits to people, especially those who are suffering from hell.

Such Jizo Bodhisattva is vowed that enlightenment will not be achieved until the people become Buddhahood, and that all people will be saved equally. People are familiar with the very benevolent Jizo Bodhisattva, and since ancient times Jizo has been built in various places to pray for good health, longevity, child growth, a good harvest, and hunting.

Sometimes they take the place of those in danger, save various sufferings, worries, and graces, fulfill our wishes, and help good and honest people. In addition, many Jizo statues have been created and told in folk tales. In particular, Jizo, who protects the growth and safety of children, is grateful and pleased to be the "parent of the world" for children who died young. For these reasons, Jizo is built as a memorial service for children.

Even now, Jizo gently watches over our lives in various parts of Japan.
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