TOY-MACHINE SUPERLATIVE special model  Includes avail Microcast Spool BC5224TR

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Rare item premium silver Reel to bring up Reel to enjoy aging. A special model of superlative, Premium Silver, is made of solid aluminum and brass without anodizing or plating. As time goes by, it becomes more distinct. The more you polish it with your own hands, the brighter it becomes than the new one. This is for those who like Isuzu reels! Toy Machine Super Lative is a reel made by Frog Products, a bus brand ordered by Isuzu. Made of Isuzu. The structure is similar to Isuzu 520 and 521. Gearratio 6.3:1. It's a bus brand, so it's a very colorful and fun reel. In Japan, I have avail Microcast Spool BC5224TR attached to this super rational and enjoy in the mountain stream. Since it is made in 2018, there are few numbers, so if you are looking for it, please buy it. I think I won't make super Lative anymore, so please add it to your collection. If you like Japanese Isuzu Reels, we are collecting Super Lative. I use it too! *Caution Super Lative is a reel that uses the classic type one-way clutch system. When casting, the clutch can be released by slightly summing the spool or by pushing the clutch button while turning the spool slightly toward you.・When returning the clutch after casting, be sure to summing the spool before turning the handle to return the clutch. (*Caution: If you try to release the clutch just by rotating the handle, it may cause a malfunction)
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